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Key Features


    • Realistic space shooting game based on shooting aliens and saving your asteroid


    • Dense variety of spaceships and upgrades for an enhanced gaming experience


    • Choose from a selection of ten spaceships and galactic drones


    • Download the modified version for unlimited money, VIP level 12, and unlocked shopping menu


    • Acquire unlimited coins for free in-app purchases and upgrades


    • Get infinite crystals to make legendary purchases


    • Enjoy a free shopping menu with unlocked premium items



Gone are the days of carefree gaming with Victor gaming console’s gamepads in our hands. We used to enjoy playing classic games like Super Mario Bros, Galaxian, Super Contra, and Galaga series. However, as time passed, those cartridges became obsolete and connecting them to the old console became impossible. If you are in search of similar games like Space Shooting games, Galaxian, Space Strike, and 1982, then look no further than Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter. It is a realistic Space Shooting Android game that offers a thrilling experience of shooting aliens from different planets and galaxies while protecting your asteroid. To enhance your gaming experience, you can also download the modified version of the game, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter , which provides access to all the paid in-game assets for free.


Galaxy Attack

Enjoy all your older Galaxy Shooting memories with this game


Relive the excitement of the past when we used to engage in intense battles with alien spaceships. OneSoft Global PTE. LTD has released the latest advanced edition of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for Android and iOS devices. In this technologically advanced era, everything is easily accessible, including Android games like Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter. This game offers an immersive plot where you are the last hope of Earth, equipped with a powerful spaceship to combat the alien invasion.

Upgrade your Spaceships and create them a beast


In addition to the thrilling gameplay, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter also features an immersive Spaceship section. Unlike old games with limited spaceship options, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter allows you to choose from a variety of Spaceships and upgrade them up to 20 levels to enhance their firepower and bullet level. Enjoy the power-packed battles with upgraded Spaceships as you fight against the alien invaders.

Choose one of the best Spaceships and Galactic Drones


Galaxy Attack offers a diverse range of content, allowing you to choose from ten different Spaceships, each with its unique abilities. Some of the Spaceships available include Pulse Blast, Wisdom Glory, Thunder Blade, Pirate King, and the legendary spaceship. Additionally, the game offers a variety of Galactic Drones, such as Alien Mercenary, Rush Fighter, Thunder Spirit, Titan Wings, and the powerful Boss lover Captain Galaxy. Select your favorite Spaceship and experience the ultimate gaming adventure.


Galaxy Attack

Download the modified version and get lots of extra powers


Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is a modified version of the game that offers numerous advantages. This version provides unlimited money, VIP Level 12, and an unlocked shopping menu, allowing you to enjoy all the in-game assets without any restrictions. Download the modified version today and conquer all the missions in record time, unlocking the legendary spaceship!

Acquire Unlimited Coins and make never-ending free purchases


With Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter , you can acquire unlimited coins, which can be used for free purchases in the Shop menu. Upgrade your Spaceships and Galactic Drones without spending a single cent. Become the fully armored spaceship and dominate the game with the Galaxy Attack !

Infinite Crystals for legendary purchases free of charge


Crystals are a vital game currency required for purchasing legendary assets. Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter provides unlimited crystals, allowing you to make premium purchases such as Captain Galaxy, Suicide Shark, and the Legendary Spaceship. Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities!


Galaxy Attack

Free Shopping menu and everything unlocked with zero struggle


In addition to the aforementioned features, Galaxy Attack also offers a fully unlocked Shopping menu that includes all the premium Spaceships, Galactic Drones, and their paid upgrades. Enjoy all the premium shop items free of charge with Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter .



In conclusion, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is a fantastic Android game that brings back the nostalgia of the classic space shooting games. With its immersive gameplay and a wide variety of spaceships and upgrades, players can enjoy hours of fun and excitement. Additionally, the modified version of the game, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter , offers numerous benefits such as unlimited coins, infinite crystals, and a free shopping menu. By downloading the , players can unlock legendary items and make premium purchases without any struggle. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the ultimate space shooting adventure and become the savior of the galaxy. Download Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter today and embark on an epic journey filled with thrilling battles and endless possibilities.

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