Life Bubble: Explore Your Own Universe and Create Your Fortune

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Key Features


    • Thrilling Exploration: Embark on an epic quest and explore the vastness of Life Bubble, uncovering treasures, resources, and secrets along the way.


    • Unleash Your Creativity: Design and build your own terradome micro planet in Dream Dale, using limitless imagination and a variety of tools and materials.


    • Unlock the Universe’s Secrets: Control your fate by expanding your planet and discovering valuable rocks at its core, showcasing your resource-gathering skills.


    • Protect Your World: Defend your terradome small planet mood bubble from clever imposters and cosmic threats that seek to destroy it.


    • Experience Interplanetary Adventures: Embark on a thrilling journey through space, saving lost astronauts and exploring the mysteries of each planet you encounter.


    • Be a Cosmic Hero: Fight epic battles and push your limits as you strive to preserve Dream Dale and the entire cosmos from doom.




Embark on an epic voyage through the vastness of space and forge your own destiny among the stars. Welcome to Life Bubble, a captivating environment where the exhilarating gameplay of Terradome awaits. Prepare to be amazed by the wonders that await you as you create your very own planet and battle against evil planet destroyer imposters. Get ready for thrilling rescue missions like whiteout survival and navigate the challenges that lie ahead on this unparalleled journey. Unleash your resourcefulness and let your imagination soar.


Life Bubble


Exploring Your Own Little Big Planet Is Thrilling


Step into a magical universe brimming with infinite possibilities in this captivating game. Discover treasures, resources, and secrets as you immerse yourself in this massive planet adventure. Prepare for an extraordinary quest unlike any other as you reside in your very own mood bubble. Test your resourcefulness as you collect diamonds, crystals, and minerals, but beware of the lurking evil. Enhance your skills and eliminate the imposters that threaten your existence. Life Bubble is a world full of excitement and surprises, so dive in and let the adventure begin!


Welcome Gamers to Dream Dale’s Magical World


Unleash your creativity and embark on an unforgettable journey to create your own world. Dream Dale offers an engaging game where you can build and maintain a micro planet within the Terradome. With limitless imagination, shape the terrain, construct stunning structures, and bring your creations to life. The possibilities are as vast as the universe itself. Board your cutting-edge spaceship and embark on an interplanetary adventure. Utilize the advanced planet finder to uncover hidden gems within the cosmos. Discover a captivating tiny universe within a celestial bubble.


Unlock the Universe’s Secrets and the Mysteries Beyond the Stars


Embark on a journey of planet resourcing and take control of your destiny. Utilize your ingenuity and strategic thinking to expand your planet and uncover its untapped potential. As an adventurer, expect numerous challenges and opportunities as you traverse the globe. Your ultimate goal? To unearth valuable rocks at the core of your planet, showcasing your resource-gathering prowess and unlocking new possibilities. How can you obtain these rare rocks? Welcome to the ultimate world-building experience!


Life Bubble


Create Your Own World Full of Rare Materials and Resources


In this engaging game, you must nurture your Terradome micro planet within the mood bubble. Are you ready to unleash your imagination and rule your virtual world? Dive in and uncover the surprises that await you. Prepare for an exhilarating journey filled with battles against cunning imposters and cosmic exploration. Just like the thrilling challenges of whiteout survival, you must save your world from destruction.


Experience an Amazing Interplanetary Journey


Embark on a thrilling adventure as you travel through space, encountering unknown threats and awe-inspiring celestial bodies. Your mission? Save the lost astronauts and unravel the mysteries of each planet. Prepare to be captivated by the endless possibilities that await you. Keep an eye out for valuable materials as you explore the vastness of space. Venture forth to rescue Dream Dale from a malicious alien invader intent on obliterating our planet. Assume the role of a brave protector and thwart the evil force’s plans for planetary domination. Will you defend your little universe against this formidable enemy?


Dream Dale’s Existence Depends on Your Unflinching Determination


An exhilarating battle awaits, testing your mettle and pushing you to your limits. Embrace your inner hero and embark on a journey that will shape gaming history. Will you save Dream Dale from its impending doom? The fate of the cosmos rests on your shoulders! Envision yourself as a cosmic tycoon, utilizing the infinite resources of the universe on an exciting voyage. Harness your inner space cowboy to overcome obstacles and engage in an epic battle. Prepare for a cosmic-sized gaming adventure that seamlessly blends survival with exploration of unknown planets.


Life Bubble


In conclusion, Life Bubble is a captivating and thrilling game that allows players to explore a vast and magical universe. With endless possibilities and adventures, players can create their own planets, discover hidden treasures, and fight against evil imposters. The gameplay is engaging and immersive, offering a unique world-building experience. From exploring your own little big planet to unlocking the secrets of the universe, Life Bubble offers an amazing interplanetary journey filled with excitement and challenges. With its stunning graphics and captivating storyline, this game is a must-play for all gamers looking for an adrenaline-fueled cosmic adventure. So, download Life Bubble now and embark on an epic quest to protect the universe from destruction!

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