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Key Features


    • Impeccable ninja moves and challenging rivals


    • Advanced graphics and immersive gameplay


    • Play multiplayer 1v1 or PvP fights with friends


    • Experience 3D graphics and exciting background music


    • Play as unusual heroes and face challenging rivals


    • Modified version with unlimited purchases


    • Enjoy lightning-fast fights with powerful moves and weapons


    • Employ infinite money and resources for upgrades


    • Secure gaming environment without bugs or viruses


    • Increase damage power and survive difficult fights


    • Immerse into a secure and uninterrupted gaming experience


Shadow Fight Arena : The Ultimate Fighting Game

Discover the immersive world of Shadow Fight Arena, the latest installment in the highly acclaimed Shadow Fight series developed by Nekki. With its advanced graphics, challenging gameplay, and a vast array of ninja moves and weapons, this game is a must-have for all fighting game enthusiasts.


Shadow Fight Arena

Engage in Unusual Battles Between Shadows and Ninjas


Join the most unique fights ever seen in Shadow Fight Arena. As the #8 top-grossing Android game in the Role-Playing genre, it has attracted over 1 million players since its release in November 2020. Experience the thrill of multiplayer 1v1 or PvP battles and challenge your friends to epic showdowns. Download the modified version of the game now and unleash your inner ninja!

Immerse Yourself in Stunning 3D Graphics and Epic Soundtracks


Prepare to be amazed by the stunning 3D graphics of Shadow Fight Arena. With over 1GB of game data, this version offers the highest quality visuals in the entire Shadow Fight series. The game also features a collection of epic background music that will keep you motivated and immersed in the action.

Face Unforgettable Heroes and Formidable Rivals


Get ready to encounter the most challenging heroes and villains in Shadow Fight Arena. Fight against legendary characters from the three seasons of the Shadow Fight series, including the powerful hero Shadow. With a variety of talents and power-ups, each fighter offers a unique and thrilling combat experience.


Shadow Fight Arena

Experience the Ultimate Version of Shadow Ninja Fight


Shadow Fight Arena is the pinnacle of the Shadow Fight series, offering the most desired features and an exciting PvP gaming mode. However, in-app purchases can sometimes hinder your gaming experience. That’s why we present the Shadow Fight Arena , a modified version of the game that provides unlimited resources and access to legendary fighters, all for free.

Unleash Your Full Potential with Infinite Money and Resources


Upgrade your skills and weapons to the maximum level with the help of Shadow Fight Arena . This modified version offers unlimited coins and diamonds, allowing you to enhance your gameplay without any restrictions. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace your true fighting potential.

Enjoy a Secure Gaming Environment


Rest assured, Shadow Fight Arena is developed using the latest technologies to ensure a secure gaming environment. You can enjoy all the immersive features and magical MODs without rooting your smartphone. Play with peace of mind and dive into the thrilling world of Shadow Fight Arena.


Shadow Fight Arena

Unleash 1000% Damage Power in Epic Fights


Conquer every battle with the increased damage MOD of Shadow Fight Arena . Defeat immortal rivals and overcome the most difficult stages with ease. The power to dominate is in your hands. Install the game now and unleash your full fighting potential.

Become Immortal in the Toughest Battles


Experience the thrill of being virtually immortal in Shadow Fight Arena . While not entirely invincible, the MOD script enhances your defense and survivability, allowing you to withstand even the toughest fights. Download the game now and rise above all challenges.

Embark on an Unforgettable Fighting Adventure


If you’re a fan of fighting games and crave infinite resources and magical immortality, Shadow Fight Arena is the perfect choice. With its secure and uninterrupted gaming environment, this app ensures a seamless experience free from bugs, viruses, and advertisements. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate fighting game – Shadow Fight Arena .


Experience the ultimate thrill of the Shadow Fight series with Shadow Fight Arena . This modified version offers enhanced graphics, immersive gameplay, and a wide range of challenging rivals to conquer. With the ability to make unlimited purchases without spending real money, you can fully enjoy all the robust ninja moves and powerful weapons. The 3D graphics and captivating background music collection further enhance the gaming experience. With the variety of talents and power-ups available, you can unleash your skills and defeat the most formidable opponents. The secure gaming environment ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable gameplay. Download Shadow Fight Arena now and embark on an epic journey filled with endless resources and legendary fighters. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and dominate the Shadow Fight Arena!

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