Stick Cricket Super League – Unleash Your Cricketing Skills

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Key Features of Stick Cricket 2

  • 1. Create and customize your own cricket player.
  • 2. Choose from 70 teams from cities around the world.
  • 3. Sign superstars with special skills and talents.
  • 4. Experience the excitement of hitting sixes in unique styles.
  • 5. Make critical captaincy decisions and arrange games.
  • 6. Full control over choosing players for batting and bowling.
  • 7. Track career and season statistics for professional growth.
  • 8. Strive for greatness and achieve mastery in the game.
  • 9. Build a dream team with over 50 star players.
  • 10. Acquire miserly star bowlers to limit opponents’ scoring.
  • 11. Stunning graphics and immersive gameplay experience.




Stick Cricket 2 : Experience the Power of Sixes


In the world of cricket, hitting sixes is a testament to skill and strength. Stick Cricket 2 takes this concept to a whole new level. As the captain of your twenty20 cricket team in the Stick Cricket Super League, you have the opportunity to lead your team to unprecedented success. This game requires smart thinking, unwavering resolve, and a deep understanding of the sport. Before embarking on this challenging journey, it is important to familiarize yourself with the twenty20 format. In the realm of mobile cricket gaming, you have the power to control your cricketing career and t20 cricket team, becoming a franchise player. This level of control allows you to define your destiny in the virtual cricketing universe, showcasing your skills and strategies on the grandest stage. Stick Cricket Super League is the highly anticipated sequel to Stick Cricket Premier League.


Stick Cricket Super League


Unleash the Wonders of Stick Cricket 2


The creators of Stick Cricket 2 have developed a magnificent cricket game. Stick Cricket Premier League allows you to create your own cricket player and immerse yourself in the captivating world of this beloved sport. In t20 cricket, you must first create and customize your character. This crucial step sets the stage for the thrilling world of cricket, where your talents and abilities will be put to the test. Carefully shape your character to thrive in the vast t20 cricket arena. With a wide selection of hairstyles and accessories, you can truly become a cricket megastar.


Endless Choices for Cricket Enthusiasts


The Stick Cricket Super League offers a staggering 70 teams to choose from. This vast selection allows cricket enthusiasts from all around the world to engage in fierce competition. In the realm of t20 cricket, only the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Big Bash League can rival the popularity of this game. These two cricketing spectacles have captivated audiences worldwide with their excitement and entertainment. No other t20 leagues or cricket games can match the beauty and elegance of these two athletic showcases. Cricket aficionados are easily drawn to teams that reflect their spirit and cricketing prowess.


Sign Superstars to Elevate Your Team


In the pursuit of the ultimate world cricket championship, signing superstars is essential. These players possess exceptional skills and charisma that can significantly enhance your team’s performance. Acquiring authentic and accomplished cricket stars will provide your squad with a high degree of skill, talent, and experience, greatly increasing your chances of success. Navigating the world of professional cricket requires delicate negotiations and strategic decision-making when it comes to seasonal contracts with elite players.


Unleash the Power of Sixes


Strap on your helmet and witness the exhilarating power of sixes in Stick Cricket 2 . The unique style of hitting sixes in this sport sends the stadium into a frenzy. The sheer force of the bat connecting with the ball electrifies the atmosphere, leaving spectators in awe. The addition of pyrotechnics further enhances the electric ambiance, transforming the arena into a wonderland. In t20 cricket, captains play a pivotal role. As the team leader, the captain makes critical decisions, organizes matches, and motivates the team. Meticulous player selection is crucial to assemble a formidable first XI. The toss, a crucial stage in the game, allows the captain to decide which esteemed players will showcase their batting and bowling skills. As a cricket megastar, you have full control over these captaincy decisions, transcending the boundaries of perfection and representing the pinnacle of sporting power.


Stick Cricket Super League


Track Your Career in the Fast-Paced Cricketing World


In today’s competitive employment market, career tracking is essential. Professionals strive to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and a comprehensive review of career and season statistics provides valuable insights into individual performance. These stats reflect career growth and milestones, and winning medals and honors becomes a coveted goal. These prestigious awards celebrate exceptional qualities, unwavering dedication, and remarkable achievements. Striving for greatness requires unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of perfection.


Achieve Mastery in the World of Cricket


Mastering a field requires persistent focus, effort, and commitment. As the distinguished captain, you have the opportunity to create a powerful character in a unique environment. Crafting and personalizing your player is the first step towards success against the world’s best bowlers. Customization allows you to maximize your potential and performance on the grandest stage, requiring attention to detail and a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Creating a cricketer is akin to sculpting a masterpiece, with each virtual brushstroke adding to the ultimate composition.


Build Your Dream Team with Star Players


For maximum success and goal achievement, assembling a dream team is crucial. Your esteemed owner’s financial assistance allows you to acquire star players from around the world, significantly increasing your chances of success in the league. These players possess incredible skills that can elevate your team’s performance. With such a wide range of talent, you can carefully select star players who align with your team’s demands and strategic goals. With these exceptional individuals on your team, you can transform ordinary batsmen into cricket superstars.


Unleash the Power of a Star Bowler


Acquiring a miserly star bowler can also be highly beneficial for any team. Their skill and finesse can score runs quickly while limiting the opposition’s scoring, making your team’s targets easier to chase. Their accurate and precise deliveries put immense pressure on opposing batsmen, making it challenging for them to score freely. As star batters clear the rope with ease, a miserly star bowler ensures your team’s goals are within reach. If your team requires seasoned talent, a temporary deal with a retired athlete may prove fruitful.


Stick Cricket Super League


Embark on an Extraordinary Journey


Challenge the critics and defy convention by winning the league championship with a team of young players. This bold approach shatters the notion that experience and knowledge are prerequisites for sporting glory. By taking this unorthodox path, you can overcome the odds and create a remarkable story of unparalleled triumph. The choice is yours. With outstanding players who can effortlessly clear the rope and send the ball soaring into the spectators, team owners from India and Australia fiercely compete for your sought-after signature.



Stick cricket 2 offers an incredible cricket gaming experience, allowing players to lead their twenty20 cricket team to unprecedented success. The game provides a deep understanding of the twenty20 format and allows players to control their cricketing career and t20 cricket team. With a wide range of choices, players can select from 70 teams and create their own cricket player, customizing their character to enter the thrilling world of cricket.


The game creators have done an excellent job in developing a wonderful cricket game that captures the essence of the sport. The stick cricket super league brings together the excitement of cricket in a virtual universe where players can showcase their abilities and strategy on the biggest stage.


To succeed in the stick cricket super league, strategic intelligence and unflinching passion are crucial. Signing superstars with special aptitude can greatly enhance a team’s chances of winning the ultimate world cricket championship. Captains play a vital role in making critical decisions and motivating the team, while the selection of a powerful first xi of eleven players is key to success.


Individual career tracking and season statistics help players assess their professional performance and strive for greatness. The quest for mastery in one’s field requires persistent focus, effort, and commitment. Crafting and personalizing one’s player is the first step to success, and the acquisition of star players from around the world can significantly strengthen a team’s chances of success.


Overall, Stick cricket 2 offers an immersive and exciting cricket gaming experience, allowing players to unleash their cricketing prowess and lead their team to victory.


Stick Cricket Super League


Stick Cricket Super League


Stick Cricket Super League

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