Zombie Tsunami : A Review of the Best Arcade Game with Endless Fun

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Zombie Tsunami is an old arcade game that has gained popularity over time. Unlike other zombie games, this game allows players to control a zombie army and devour every living person in their path. With each defeat, the player can increase their zombie army and face new challenges in every wave.


Zombie Tsunami



Zombie Tsunami offers a unique gameplay experience. Players start with a single zombie and must attack cities to consume humans and earn rewards. By upgrading their zombies, players can increase their army size and continue their endless running journey. However, they must navigate through various obstacles and ensure the safety of their zombies to succeed.

Eat your friends


In Zombie Tsunami , players can connect their Facebook accounts to the game and devour their friends’ characters. This feature adds a fun twist to the game as players compete to defeat their friends’ faces.


Zombie Tsunami

Travel around the world


Zombie Tsunami offers various background styles inspired by different countries. Each level features colorful and animated backgrounds, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

More zombies


To consume certain obstacles and items in the game, players must have a sufficient number of zombies in their army. Different objects require different numbers of zombies, and players can earn rewards such as coins and brains by defeating these obstacles.


Zombie Tsunami

Skilled zombies


Zombie Tsunami introduces skill-using features for each player. These skills can be used strategically to overcome challenging situations. Each skill possesses a unique destructive ability, allowing players to choose the best skill for defeating humans.



Zombie Tsunami boasts stunning 3D animation graphics that enhance the gameplay experience. The game developer has meticulously designed the zombies, obstacles, and other elements, creating an eye-catching visual experience. The high-quality sounds further immerse players in the game.


Zombie Tsunami

Overall, Zombie Tsunami stands out among other zombie games with its unique gameplay, addictive challenges, and impressive graphics. Download the MOD version to enjoy unlimited money and gold for free.


In conclusion, Zombie Tsunami is an outstanding arcade game that offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Unlike other zombie games, this game allows you to control a zombie army and devour humans along your path. With its endless mode, captivating backgrounds, and various skills, the game keeps you engaged and entertained. Unlock unlimited money and gold with our MOD version, enhancing your gameplay even further. Download the MOD version from the links provided below and embark on an exciting zombie-filled adventure.

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